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November 29th, 2012, 16:15
The numbers are clear:
- 50% of gamers are female.
- In 2006, 12% of game industry employees (design & development) were female … but in 2011 it was down to 6%.

If you look at the general engineering and specifically computer science and engineering workforce - you have ~30% females. Now as one of my two roles is as a Statistician I know too well that correlation doesn't mean causality … but there is plenty of other correlating evidence.

THAT is why gaming gets singled out - because it is an anomoly … and the 'frat house' mentality at so many game developer shops is a big part. Articles about huge meetings and outings held at strip clubs, or on boats with strippers, are endemic to the gaming world.

It is identical to the situations in the 'old boys network' where at corporations or law firms you would have a near requirement to belong to a certain golf club and most of the big deals were done on the links. Most of those clubs didn't admit women or blacks … and yet when confronted with this the all-white-male law firms would claim they weren't sexist or racist.

Um, yeah you are.
-- Mike
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