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November 29th, 2012, 16:46
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
What has all that got to do with sexism, though? If they're all males - then what's the problem with going to strip-clubs? That's normal male behavior when males are together, I'd say.
Wait - are you insinuating that strip clubs aren't an inherently sexist establishment? I mean, their sole function is as a place pushing sexual objectification of women for the gratification and titillation of men.

That is a break point for me - if you don't see that, I can't continue because you are not a serious minded person when it comes to gender and I have given you way too much credit.

But assuming you do realize that strip clubs are inherently sexist - and a 'for men' place … then it should be a very simple step to understand how having a meeting there is an inherently hostile work environment for women. I can't even believe I would have to explain that.

It is very simple - there are plenty of male-dominated industries, particularly related to science and engineering. I work in one. The majority of these are normal workplaces, where women exist as managers and executives in a normal ratio to the overall population just as do people who would check something else other than 'white male' on the demographics survey.

But for the gaming industry it is different - computer designers and engineers and programmers are represented less, and have been speaking up in HUGE volumes about how the rampant sexism, objectification, groping, and hostile workplaces have made it impossible to function. In this industry, women are poorly represented as managers and executives, and seldom chosen as project leads - even based on the proportion of female employment.

As I said, correlation doesn't mean causation, but when you have multiple correlating factors … the probability of causation and linkage becomes very high.

The outcome of the fact that sexism is a major limiting factor for females working in the gaming industry, is that you have 'frat house' males deciding 'what women want'. COnsidering even an enlightened person such as you cannot empathize with a women enough to play as one in an action-RPG … you can imagine how that goes.

Boobs and bikini armor. Or pink ponies and flowers.

In other words, stereotypes that limit engagement. Then when they survey players and find that many women don't enjoy the endless stream of same-old white male kills everything in a stream of f-bombs gritty realism Call-of-Halo-Gears-Creed crapfest … they decide that it is because of the women, not the incredibly limited scope of the design.

So we get more of the same. And PLEASE don't bring up the ONE successful female protagonist (Tomb Raider), as it is the exception that proves the rule.
-- Mike
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