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November 29th, 2012, 18:39
Thanks for the info guys, that's very good to know. I foolishly believed that any excess XP would've accumulated as normal and been kept after the level up. I really should have read the manual more thoroughly… Fortunately I was done with the Gargath Keep and going right back to "the base" to train (i.e. level up) when that screenshot was taken.

I must say (again), the old AD&D rules have so many strange rules. I kind of wish they'd gone with another ruleset from Ye Olde Times called RuneQuest. That being said, it would've resulted in a totally different game, so maybe not. Strange as it is for me, being one who prefers skill-based systems over class-based ones, (A)D&D fits CRPGs and especially dungeon crawls pretty well. If only these games would have the refinements of the 3rd edition rules. Yeah, I know they were like 10 years in the future when CoK was made, but one can always dream. Oh well, CoK works just as fine as it is. Just rambling again. Back to the dungeons.
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