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November 29th, 2012, 23:16
I have to vent, rant or whatever

Being a fan of the ME universe I took the plunge and bought Omega.
Now, having a "vacation" tomorrow (starting to renovate kitchen, ugh..) I had a glass of red wine and continued from yesterday (ok, two glasses.., large). So…

Why do you never ever experience scarcity of ammo in ME3?
1. I have never ever been out of ammo, using the smaller widow and a pistol. it takes away tension from gunplay. I even never ever get down to half ammo.
Thats ME3 as a whole.

2. the gun up.
Thank you aging console generation for giving me a sub par experience on my PC. I detested it from the beginning but in Omega it really gets on my nerves. I run around in a "safe" bunker with my pistol pointing in everyones face. not a good way to make friends…

3. As our Dumas literate put it, Aria is a fan service, that indicates that I am no longer a part of what Bioware wants to cater to. I have come halfway through Omega and I cant fathom why I should support Aria instead of the female Turian.
Aria is a mob boss and the longer I play the more I want to bash her head to pulp, put a gun to her orally or in the other end and pull the trigger.
lots of times…

4. Did I mention that it is even more claustrophobic than DOOM.
Forget about tactical combat, I stopped and started running with my pistol in front of me constantly pushing the trigger. It works! (infinite ammo helps, but my indexfinger is sore from pushing left mouse button)

Forget about me, I'm just a relic who remembered the possibilities ME had, who wanted some lighthearted fun before going all in with the crowbar on an ancient kitchen.

One good thing though is that we are going to have a wine cooler in our new kitchen. Remember the good things. Like DLC as Shale or Shadowbrooker.

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