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November 30th, 2012, 13:24
Well, the MOTU sale is now over anyway.

I'll just wait for the next one.

From the "100 TP off 1 item" I FINALLY bought myself a "cosmetic armor set" for my dreadily-looking "Duellist Learthers" ! Ha ! Finally ! I won't have to endure this rubber-costume-like look anymore ! Now it looks much more like something I'd call "Duellist's Leathers".

The new DDO Store sale :

1. November 30th to Decenber 6th (German : Nikolaus ) : Limited sale of +4 stat tomes & appropriate upgrade tomes : http://www.ddo.com/us/ddostorenew

2. November 30th to December 6th : "Adopt a Pet" : http://www.ddo.com/us/ddostoresale

Means : 20 % off

- Gargoyle
- Bat
- Rat
- Mini-Kobold
- Pet Gear
- Name Changes
- and this includes not only the ownership certificates, but treats as well.

If you hold the mouse pointer over the little word "Info" there, then you get an description - which says, by the way, that the "Top Hats" give +5 bonus to both "perform" and to "diplomacy" ! I didn't know that !

3. A new series called "Winter Weekend Specials" : http://www.ddo.com/us/decemberdeals

This weekend ( = November 30th to December 2nd) this means :

20 % off : Druid's Deep, Raid Timer Bypass
30 % off : Character Slots, 32 Point Builds

Edit : "Stuff" : http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=400164
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