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November 30th, 2012, 15:28
Originally Posted by Thrasher
The rules are part of their charm, I think. May be nostalgia talking though. I certainly prefer them over the oversimplified rules in most modern games though.
Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. I much more prefer this over the modern superstreamlined, oversimplified way. Being from a Pen-and-Paper RPG background, I like stats, rules, numbers, dice and all that. In CRPGs I love to have solid rules and virtual dice rolling in the background (not necessarily under the hood either, I'd like to see actual roll results too, if possible). It's just that some rules are better and less clunky than others, heh.

Originally Posted by azraelck
Darksun was actually brought back with 4E. The only good thing that 4E did, actually.

No word on any licensed games though. Seems like everyone is going gaga over the Forgotten Realms still, even DDO opened a planar rift to escape from Eberron into FR.
Dark Sun is the only D&D campaign world that I really like and would consider running PnP games in (maybe not with D&D rules, though). Never really got into the other worlds, but then again, I've not followed D&D that much, so I'm not very familiar with them (most of my limited knowledge of Forgotten Realms, i.e. Faerun, comes from CRPGs, for example). Anyways, Dark Sun (i.e. Athas) rocks!
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