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November 30th, 2012, 17:47
Originally Posted by Lurking Grue View Post
1. Can you create your whole party of five characters or can you only make one character with others being pre-made (the Icewind Dale vs Baldur's Gate method)?

2. How are you planning to implement magic? As you're using OGL d20 rules (with modifications), will you use the Vancian spell casting system (i.e. memorize in advance, can cast limited number of spells per spell level, etc.) or something else (like a Spell Point kind of thing which allows more mixing and varying in which spells to cast)?
1) You can create your whole Party.
2) There will be some spells in the game. I can't go into detail here but let's say that all the spells which are in the game are picked from the OGL 3.5 rule-set. You may have noticed the fireball in one Screenshot already
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