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November 30th, 2012, 18:00
Good thing I'm not a betting man, I would have been eating my hat right now..but good for them that they pulled it off. But I think most of the credit for the KS must go to their fans who really pushed hard to get this publicized and dug even deeper to push up their pledges.

@himmy: I agree that Thorvalla seems doomed - I have (perhaps foolishly) pledged there too…but man, they really need to up their game And they have no sexy tech demo to help them on their way, just a static house rendered in UNITY…not exactly overwhelming. Still don't like teh card element, but I could probably get over that - but KS projects need to start showing that they have down more prep work,. design (world and mechanics) etc. Not simply arrive with a wheelbarrow of half-baked ideas and then dump them at your feet. sheesh.
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