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November 30th, 2012, 22:22
Game completed - 260 hours playtime with all quests completed at Level 54 - maximum difficulty thief using no combat magic, just the bow. Played solo as followers were too reactive but might have used a magic's follower if available earlier in the game and only if the inventory and stats were configurable both during play and on level-up. Re-spawns were fast and furious in final act. The storyline is more purpose aligned toward the game ending. I played Inquisitor for the challenge to get the max effect to see how far i could push to the limit. The great walls of text were beautiful, i wish there was more, re-spawns were a piece of cake. This game is not for casuals or impatient types. My game ran smooth from start to finish with not the slightest trace of any clunky combat.
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