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November 30th, 2012, 23:08
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
You work in marketing and you can't understand the concept of co-op advertising?
I understand the costumer base concept better baby; and it so simple it can be explained in terms you can understand.
If you have a installed costumer base of say 50 milion PS3 and 360, and you release your product for them in a now mainstream genre such as RPG or FPS you are bound to get a pretty good chuck of the market, maybe a 30% to 35%, so that means arround 20 milion copies sold.
If you release a new console (at least loking at $500 for one of those) where it a know fact that the people buying it buy at least 1 to 2 games to actualy play something too, then yeah you are looking at some great sell numbers…but only if you are an AAA title like Fallout 4, Metal Gear, Madden or Call of Duty. Hell I even bought my PS3 because MGS4 was an exclusive; that is the power of co-op advertising "Buy a PS3 if you want play MGS4"
Now…Dragon Age used to be a AAA title but despite good sales, the game was a critical failure for EA and it tarnished enough the Bioware brand as to have Mythic remove the Bioware title form their studio too, so they are not in a position of power.
This is not rocket science and for an example of a company benefiting of power of an instal base, its AAA franchise and the dearth of big time titles for next year, look no further than Rockstar with GTA5.
The will laugh all the way to the bank with 20 milion sales easy and in 3 more years when the next gen consoles have a somewhat decent costumer base they might release their next title.
You dont have to agree with any of that; it is not a matter of opinion, just simple fact…and if you think you know better than Rockstar then you belong in the Codex
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