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December 1st, 2012, 16:41
Originally Posted by Sir_Brennus View Post
I think this is worthwile read for this discussion:

This story is about kids, not about adults. Seems like many adult players here can't support play a female character, I can hardly understand that but it's like a fact.

For games with RPG elements, JRPG are almost exclusively with forced male hero, there's some exceptions but not much.

For non JRPG I tried make a list and it's not that big but still a few noticeable that are "forbidden" to female players. I noticed Fallout 1, Diablo 2 (only some classes are male), The Witcher 1&2, Gothic 1&2&3, Risen 1&2(?), Lands of Lore 1, Torchlight 1 (only some classes are male), Game of Thrones RPG, Of Orcs and Men.

Well I honestly don't care much, but the point is that a well written RPG with troubled characters and stories like the Witcher will never ever be released with a woman hero. Too bad I would be curious to play that, but that would be clearly a totally wrong idea in term of sells.

EDIT: Instead to get RPG compatible with both male and female hero, we get most often RPG with neutral gender approach beside few totally boring romance stuff.
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