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December 2nd, 2012, 20:05
That article actually reflects greatly how I feel about the entire TES series. It also reflects a lot of threads here and elsewhere essentially entitled, 'TES games lack a soul' and this article does a good job at articulating why.

But TES games are TES games. They do not have a strong narrative and they really do require player-made roleplaying to inject 'soul' into the game.

I'm partially successful at accomplishing that, in small doses. It's why I think the typical TES game takes me years to traverse. I had only just wrapped up Oblivion a few months before Skyrim was released. TES games can grab me here and there, but then, like the author, certain aspects about the game cut me loose for stretches of time. But then I return and eventually get grabbed again. And the cycle repeats for years.

After Oblivion, I've finally come to just imbrace what TES games have to offer instead of nagging in forums for TES games to have a stronger narrative and in-game purpose. The TES series is a good one and the only thing I want Bethesda to improve at this point is their polish.
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