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December 2nd, 2012, 22:28
Originally Posted by Bedwyr View Post
That's exactly the thing detractors often miss. TES is about massive size, implicitly emergent play, strongly simulated worlds, and complex, deep history. It's less about strong narrative through characterization (Bioware style), explicitly emergent play (Minecraft), or strong balance of systems (the better combat so many people want).

I do think that Bethsoft tackles a number of goals for each game that expand their scope and ability, but retain focus on what makes a TES game a TES game. So while I've seen narrative, combat systems, and crafting systems improve incrementally, they aren't the guiding maxim: "Live another life, in another world." Things like exquisitely balanced combat mechanics run up against the hugeness. The dev teams try, but always in the confines of TES's MO. As Pete Hines always harps: "We make 'em big, people."
Excellent points and I agree.

I personally don't want to see a TES game become a Bioware game.

That said, I have no problems at all with the narrative in TES games. I think it's actually quite good. The main quests of the Elder Scrolls games has been excellent in the 3 games I have played (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim). The side quests add a whole different dimension to the narrative, supporting it in subtle ways.

The narrative is also made good by the huge amount of rich history and lore that supports it. Also, the hundreds of side quests and factions and other tidbits of lore and vast amount of dialog add a lot to the overall narrative. I mean, you can read books in an Elder Scrolls game that tells you the history of the world you are living in and how it ties in with the current quest you are on. That's not good narrative?

I also have no problem with the characters. I don't want to see Bioware romances and that sort of thing. They are fine as they are. All the TES games have had memorable characters in my opinion.

Long live Bethesda. Hopefully they continue to improve their games but they keep the core "soul" of their games in tact. I'm pretty sure they know what makes an ES game an ES game though and will continue to build on those things.
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