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December 2nd, 2012, 22:13
I get sequences in Skyrim where I'm faced with an impending dragon attack, introducing a beast much too powerful for my character. Worried about my survival, I duck into a tomb for safety only to be greeted by the most powerful undead adversary I've yet to meet. Stuck between both, and at the edge of a cliff, I fall and hope to catch tiny ledges on my way down. If I survive, the music calms and I can limp into town to lick my wounds and consider my next step.
What game was he playing? Because how to get that in Skyrim? Dragon attacking, okay. Ducking into a tomb to face the most powerful undead adversary? Stuck between both? Limping into town to lick his wounds?

If that guy has that of imagination to create situations that do not exist in the game, imagination can not be the problem.
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