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December 3rd, 2012, 02:11
Yes, I know. I just added it for completeness' sake.

Okay, Jadaram 'Squeak Of Fury" is now live ! He roams the early Harbour area …

His build is quite a fun build. Looking back I think that I should have rather chosen Fighter than Barbarian, but … Well … I take this character now as he is, and take a look at what he might become.

He is currently : 1 level Barbarian, 2 levels Cleric, 1 of 2 levels Rogue, I plan to do the rest Barbarian again.

Yes, this is a "fun build". I wanted him to be able to self-heal to some extend, that's why I took this build, plus because of the Rogue's Evasion.

I really wanted to have a few levels Fighter as well, but … then I think now that I should have begun with the Fighter class in the first place.
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