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December 3rd, 2012, 02:17
The Elder Scroll games miss one very large component. They strive to be an RPG World Simulation, yet they only simulate a couple of aspects of an RPG, much less a world.
You do this: Explore/Travel, FIght, and read/learn about lore, basically. They miss so many gameplay elements they could be exploring its a shame really. They could be evolving the whole RPG World/sim game type, yet they do not push the boundaries of their craft.
They could include gameplay elements from other legendary games that would make the gameplay experience better by tenfold. Just including the various ways to solve quests/multiple solution paths from Fallout 1/2/New Vegas and Arcanum would be a huge step forward. And to include the types of quests that are actually interesting and engaging from those games and continuing to evolve them should actually be a requirement, a demand from SAVVY players.
But no, all of their quests are fight the "foozle" or fetch quests almost exclusively. It ius such a waste of resources and personnel to make such dull quets/missions for a game that reaches millions and millions of people. Instead of an exemplary gaming world to show the possibilities and wonder of an RPG compared to FPS games or similar, they choose the easy road of simple hack and slash arcade gaming (which is fine, but it needs to be one component, one facet of a greater whole world).
And, the Elder Scrolls are not even the best at what they do in many areas:
Two Worlds part one did a better job of simulating a factional conflict then Oblivion did.
Not to mention the Gothic Games which have many better game design elements.

The RPG gaming industry is so slow to evolve in any manner other then graphics and physics engines that its ridiculous. Strategy gaming does not share these problems, there are plenty of excellent simulations and systems of all skill levels, genres, and styles. Thee needs to be a breakthrough, something on the level of when Ultima VII, Deus Ex, and Daggerfall first appeared on the scene to revolutionize the whole design philosophy of these RPG world sims. And the ridiculus part is it wouldn't take hardly any tech advancement, only better designers.
Not to be a negative post or anything But really come on now?
To sum it up, I feel our space program ended up like this. "It's one small step for man. One giant leap for man kind. Oops I fell on my butt after that leap and can't get up anymore."
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