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December 3rd, 2012, 05:03
And as far as the article and the characters and plot being paper thin, ES games, as has been pointed out, is about sheer size and content.

And I love the games for what they are, but I really would love Bethesda to build a game around say just ONE or TWO large cities and just populate them with a lot more NPCs and with an even more dynamic quest and dialogue system. This could make for a game with a ton more depth, characters you get to know and grow with you for the duration of the game, and some really choice and consequences.

This would be fantastic. I think many RPGs suffer from too many quests/areas which then stretch the game thin. I don't need to visit 4 planets/worlds/cities/dimensions to feel like I'm playing en epic game. Would be great for a game to take place in just one large town chock full of incredibly deep characters/stories.

In the end though, if the author of that article isn't enjoying the game, why play it?
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