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December 3rd, 2012, 05:56
Originally Posted by Bedwyr View Post
On that I'm far more sympathetic to the author. Haven't you ever had a game that you had really high hopes for and really wanted to like, but… it… just… wasn't… all the way… there? And you go back and forth and back and forth and, umm, it's just complicated?

I've had that. UIX was one. I remember wandering around Britain and nearly convincing myself this was going to be awesome. Then I'd be disappointed. Then disappointed a little more. Then I'd be angry and want to return the game. Then I'd want to try it again and make myself like it. Yeah. Complicated.
The game I continued playing for a while despite not enjoying it was Arcania: Gothic 4. Kept hoping it would improve and ended up playing through the entire game over the course of a weekend. It was really bad, horrible dialogue, many recycled character models, linear, uninteresting quests, poorly designed combat.

The author of this article, however, is still playing Skyrim one year after he started. That suggests he is getting a good value of entertainment out of the game and ultimately I'd say he rather likes Skyrim. He's probably played at least 100-200 hours by now order to play three different characters up to level 25. I wouldn't touch Gothic 4 again if it were the last game in the world.

His biggest problem was the quest markers. Why not simply turn them off? I figured out how to do this on the game's release date and it significantly enhanced my enjoyment of the game, along with removing the compass.

He also mentions he felt "lukewarm" about the crafting and skill progressions, and he was devastated by not being able to find a woodcutter's axe. There are plenty of mods that expand on the crafting and perks, and woodcutter's axes are all over Skyrim's towns and villages, not to mention there are mods that allow you to craft one.

It seems to me the author sought to make a mountain out of a molehill in order to construct a premise for his article, which is undermined by the fact that his concerns about the game were so minor.
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