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December 3rd, 2012, 10:41
Originally Posted by Arkadia7 View Post
Hi, questions for the producer. Will there be a large variety of monsters? Is this game more of an action rpg, more of a story based rpg, a mixture, or what? Is the world open, or is it more a rail game where you first go there and do that, and then go to a second area in a linear fashion?

Edited: I have another question besides these , Will there be a physical copy DVD edition of the game available?
Hello there!

1) There will be variety, yes. I can't tell that in numbers right now. Of course we are not aiming for such a variety like in Baldur's Gate, we know our limits. And this one's kinda out of range. To compensate that we are heading for special dungeons actually. Like a "Dungeon of the undead" where you just will meet undead creatures for example. This also makes it more believable. Also worth to note here is that it's pretty easy for us, to create different enemies with the same character-model. There's an example on the blog in the media-section where the orc is wearing different stuff. Every armor, weapon and item can be weared by each (humanoid) creature as the engine scales the size.

2) Holy cow, an action RPG? The combat is turn based! Although we're trying to find the middle of combat / puzzles / story.

3) That's a good one. Let's say: In theory you can try to avoid the given path, but then you might get killed cause of harder monsters

4) We plan to release a physical thing too, yes. However we here at the publisher side still need to find distribution partners in several territories. But it's too early to say more here and now
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