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December 3rd, 2012, 09:44
So I spent the afternoon playing and Imust say the game feels pretty good, the new companions are fun and I decided to make an all new party with them. The wild mage is good, although a bit cheesy, the monk guy is interesting but I am trying for an evil party so his playstile requires a bit more of handholding that I want for this playthough. The Blackguard is the best IMO, his stats are pretty good and makes a pretty good fighter for my evil party. As soon as I find Viconia I will have my perfect party with my sorcerer, Edwin, The wild mage, the blackguard & Kagain. The only bug I have found so far was that for the Blackguard´s story I was ambushed by a group and if you dont loot the bodies of the ambushers every time you run into an encounter on the road you will end up in the same place with the bodies of the ambushers.
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