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December 3rd, 2012, 12:24
The game is an open world RPG that tries to simulate a changing world with its massive size, while trying to please to the less hard-core RPG players introducing simplicity (a compass, easy combat, etc).

It does a very good job at it. The problem is a lot of people want skyrim to be something that it wasn't even built to be.

People want skyrim to be "simulated" open world, but still have bioware story characters' depth, Baldur's Gate level of story slaped into it, etc.

In sum, people want a perfect RPG, wich Skyrim isn't. Its a shame because i realy think that skyrim engine (with a few mods/tweaks) is absolutely perfect for that kind of perfect RPG. If only we could get the guys from project Eternity to work on this engine, but alas, it's realy hard to get something perfect for everyone… Skyrim should be looked at what it is, a very very strong game in its place, an open world simulated RPG.
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