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December 3rd, 2012, 14:37
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
He was embellishing obviously but it's entirely possible to run from a dragon into a cave which has very powerful undead, barely get out of the cave alive, fall down a small cliff, live and barely make it to town.

It just sounds a lot better the way he said it.
That might be his problem.

Skyrim is an excellent narrative game but it comes with limitations.

Developping a narrative for a character can go through using the material as it is provided by the game or wish for some content that does not exist and build the narrative onto that.

The last solution certainly pushes for frustration.

In Skyrim, you can not be between a dragon and cave inhabitants as both are hosted in separated gaming room. Deceiptful to build a narrative on that as the material does not exist in the game.

Same for licking wounds in town. Health regenerates by itself etc…

Maybe this player would struggle less if he started to play the game and craft narratives based on what material the game provides. Not trying to get situations the game can not provided.
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