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December 3rd, 2012, 13:47
Originally Posted by buckaroobonzai View Post
They could be evolving the whole RPG World/sim game type, yet they do not push the boundaries of their craft.
Could they?

After playing so long Skyrim, it turned obvious their ambitions for the game were much higher. They were very high actually. And they failed to deliver on them big time (does not result in a bad game, just showing how difficult it might be)

In a nutshell, the radiant quest system was meant to place not scripted quests only but quests as they were generated by the world.

While Bethesda did not go public about their ambitions, it can be noticed that they also managed to deliver a better product as players did not go amok as they could have.

Before release, the supposed procedural dragon AI was much publicized. Just not to be included or to be reduced in final version.

Dragons do not behave as they behaved in promotional videos before realease.

In Skyrim, you wont see a dragon swooping it, taking a land dweller in its jaws, rising up to the skies and dropping the captive to the ground. You wont see a dragon circling around in the skies, pondering whether to attack, and leaving.
Neither will you see a dragon engaged in combat, deciding enough is enough and taking wings again to flee.

Not much ado about that.

Bethesda is still trying. But seeing all they wanted to accomplish and were not able to, the question rises: is it simply possible to deliver? What did not work? Why did they scrap up so many features while they spent time to developp them?
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