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December 4th, 2012, 16:16
If you do a triple class toon it's usually a good idea to build them 12/6/2. The reason is that you can then get the tier 2 prestige class of your main class and tier 1 prestige class of your second class and some abilities of your third class.

You could e. g. have barbarian 12 / cleric 6 / rogue 2.

With cleric 6 you can pick radiant burst. That is decent burst group healing. Level 6 cleric means you get level 1-3 spells so you get remove disease, remove curse, resist energy and 3 separate curing spells. 2 levels of rogue is good for evasion and skills.

If you build it well you can do some traps as well.

It's usually a good idea to be pure arcanes or divines or max 2 splash levels. That means you get all spell levels.

I'm not sure what 2 levels of cleric can give you besides cure light wounds. A better choice could have been to e. g. be a half elf with favored soul (charisma) or cleric (wisdom) dilettante. If you take 3 dilettante levels you can use scrolls as a level 10. That means you have 95% chance to cast heal scrolls or use heal wands.

A good build could be to have 18 level of barbarian and 2 levels of monk (for evasion) and use the wisdom needed for monk to be a cleric dilettante. Then you get the healing ability you want.

Azraelck is much better than me to see how you can make good half-elf builds so maybe he can suggest something.
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