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December 4th, 2012, 16:31
I've only been able to play a few hours, but so far I like it. I haven't experienced any quest bugsx, but then I haven't gotten very far (nor picked up any of the new companions).

There are two things that are annoying me. The first is that while I LOVE the zoom feautre, I had that it zooms all the way back out when you enter a new area. It's particularly noticable when you enter a building and all of the sudden the playable area is about 15% of the screen. Not a deal breaker, but annoying.

The second is that unless I am misremembering it, the escape key used to allow you to exit cut screens, return to the game from inventory, map, etc. and it no longer seems to. Clicking during the cut scenes seems to get out of them, but that's not intuitive to me and I really don't like having to click (or use a keyboard shortcut) to get back to the game screen.

I haven't experienced any of the blurring issues I've seen reported, so overall, the GUI just looks so much crisper and appropriately sized compared with how it looked in vanilla BG or even BG:TuTu.

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