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December 4th, 2012, 19:35
Case Number Two:
Another high-profile KS seems to be in the same shoes: David Braben (game legend!) announced that the Elite (a game legend!) sequel (yaaay, wetting my pants!) is underway (yeeeeehhhaaaaa!) - IF the KS pledge is successful.
The pitch is god-awful, but who cares?????? It's the sequel of a friggin' legend, best game evar, etc!!!!!

Okay, enthusiasm mode turned off, back to reality:
Elite: Dangerous's KS campaign is a troubled one.

So, the promise is absolutely there, what happened?
Why the fund not hit the roof by 400%?

I have two theories:
1. You have to be a really old f*rt to actually know what Elite is (or who David Braben is). The current generation of gamers are clearly left cold by the pitch.
2. An ambitious project like this needs time, and we, gamers, want to play the thing NOW! Mr Braben is definitely no Peter Molyneux (you may hate the guy for Fable, but he is a truly gifted media manipulator, hats off), and the info he hints indicates that the project will be a very long development (ambition hits the roof).

Unfortunately, both cases are valid for Thorvalla.

So, to sum it up: sparkling up a few cool ideas and relying on nostalgia alone is not enough. You have to hire a good PR guy or agency, you must have a credible track record, PLUS you have to show something already in the works to convince Average Joe Jr. to click on the Pledge button.

Well, it ain't easy, and most importantly, ain't cheap.
Hence the big publisher houses risk nothing and try to make surefire products: because the preparation alone takes immense risks - and this is what many indie developers cannot afford.

Okay, enough rant. Back to play Realms of Arkania
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