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December 4th, 2012, 19:46
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
They might have implemented these complex procedural algorithms and they might have worked, but maybe they did not have enough time to test them fully taking into account the size of the world.
They probably knew beforehand they were going for a continuous support through patching. They could have postponed the finalization of them.
As to why they scaped many features: probably to provide them later as DLC.
Probably not.

Examples of scrapped features:

Food should have been produced and consumed by the various entities in the game world (Rorikstead was probably intended to provide a farm to the player so the player can participe in)
Supplies were expected to be moved from town to town through carts.
Bandits were supposed to raid the convoys and kidnap people around.

In this context, food was a totally different thing as the PC might have been left without food to eat. The possiblity of introducing hunger/sleep was tested and tested long enough for the irrelevant food system to be kept.

An entire different world attempt was tried. A world closed onto itself instead of the current one that is connected to a permanent source which induces everlasting growth.

All this failed and was scrapped. They aimed very high and delivered low compared to their goals.

So the question arises: can this be delivered?
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