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December 4th, 2012, 20:52
… the first day I have a computer of my own again.

A few days ago, my mulish comp died on me.

It was no sudden death, not at all: The thing had not been able to boot up the regular way for months. Back then, I thought it was a HDD error at first, but a tech scan didn't show any disk errors. Well, so I believed my OS had become tangled. I was too lazy to reinstall Win7, thus I booted from a GRML CD instead. Not a big deal since I never shut down the computer, anyway, at least not voluntarily.

A few days ago, hubby had the glorious idea to buy me a Win8 update.
I updated. The comp still suicided on rebooting.
Well, this time I moved some of my save games to an external HDD and allowed hubby to format C and reinstall Win8.
The comp still didn't reboot.

Well, hubby exchanged the motherboard.
The comp still didn't reboot.

Hubby exchanged some cables.
The comp still didn't reboot, so hubby sighed and ordered a new HDD. It would take a few days to arrive with the rest of the stuff he ordered, though, so I took out my very old, frail notebook just to discover that it was about three OS versions behind the current edition of kubuntu. I downloaded all the packages and told the notebook to install them; this should have taken all night, so I went to bed … and when I got up in the morning, my notebook had died.

Well, I was out of a computer for good; my notebook from work doesn't count. So I made a deal with hubby, and he reserved a little corner of his work comp for my web browser and mails. This was rather uncomfortable, having to share a computer with someone …

Anyhow, my old comp is back with its new board and cables and HDD and OS, and without any games but Minecraft.
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