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December 4th, 2012, 20:05
The Journal problems are annyoing but not deal breakers, I am sure a patch will fix those right up. The new NPCs are from pretty good; Dorn has pretty good stats and his dialogue is fun, he even interacts with the Wild mage. She is a novelty but since my own char is a Sorcerer she might be a bit rebundant and her Wild magic is simply not that necesary for me. The monk is just worthless which is a shame becauise his whole mystic deal seems to be pretty well developed but he is just dead weight during a fiight. I dont mind the new cutscenes at all but having the old ones as an option would be best.
The game has crashed on me several ocasions and to be brutal honest if the only thing that it had going was that having the code was going to make it much more responsive for the AI, bugfixing and overall stability then it is a failure.
I am having fun with it but then again it is Baldurīs Gate; not even Trentīs soul patch could ruin that
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