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December 4th, 2012, 21:58
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post

Examples of scrapped features:

Food should have been produced and consumed by the various entities in the game world (Rorikstead was probably intended to provide a farm to the player so the player can participe in)

In this context, food was a totally different thing as the PC might have been left without food to eat. The possiblity of introducing hunger/sleep was tested and tested long enough for the irrelevant food system to be kept.
Personally I love hunger, thirst, survival needs mods and I know others like this sort of thing as well, but you are quite mistaken if you imagine Bethesda ever had plans to incorporate this kind of gameplay in the vanilla game. This is not a survival game and there have never been needs meters in any previous Elder Scrolls games.

Hunger meters were never tested in early builds of the game. There is no irrelevant food system, food provides stamina and health. There are plenty of excellent mods that greatly expand on this, for example Imp's More Complex Needs tracks the protein, nutrients, water and fat content of every food item, and you suffer penalties or increased stats based on your dietary habits.
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