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December 4th, 2012, 23:28
I tried Black Pit last night. I only got to play like an hour or so, but I liked it. It starts off piss easy (naturally, since your party members are level 1 and no equipment beyond basic weapons - no armor, just 1 weapon each) but then difficulty goes up pretty quick. I was starting to struggle a bit from 4th battle and that means there are still 11 more to go.

Once you win 1-2 battle, you are given money to buy equipment and you have to spend it very wisely. So far, I've received gold from mad drow twice and both were same amount. The thing is, as you level up, there are more things to buy but not enough gold which makes it quite challenging too. I like it a lot so far, but I'm not sure if there are any replay values to it. I don't think you can access this in main game - it seems entirely separate content.

Other than what Maylander mentioned already, I got only few things to add - I've experienced minor graphical glitches but nothing game breaking as of yet (but then again, I'm only up to friendly arm inn) and another thing that really piss me off is AI. Once my party members kills of enemy assigned to them, they stand around like retards until I give them another command which can be quite frustrating and annoying. I don't know if I remember this correctly, but in BG2, party members actively engaged in the battle even after the enemy assigned to them is killed off to aid another party member (although I'm not sure if that's the case for the original BG1).

I have met Dorn but he more or less told me to piss off and haven't met any other new NPCs yet. My planned party for this run is:

PC - Half-elf Figher/Cleric

So I'm in for quite weak party myself.

That's it from me so far!
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