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December 5th, 2012, 07:42
Originally Posted by Deekin Scalesinger View Post
In my opinion, part of the failure has to do with the rather generic feel of the game.
Dragons again ? Isn't this what mainstream games are about (Skyrim, Dragon Age, Divinity 2, etc.) ? A hint of "nordic" is not enough. And I go to Kickstarter to fund games that are different.
I was expecting a more original game from someone who worked on Realms of Arkania and Planescape.
Realms of Arkania is based on TDE and that's the very definition of generic.

I think people delude themselves if they think a better pitch would have brought this decidedly old-school game to 1m. I think Guido is right about not giving it a second try. The audience isn't there. If you're into oldschool games I think you know that you have to follow dedicated sites like the Watch or Codex to be informed and I'm sure the people who like BaK, RoA or M&M knew about this pitch.




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