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December 5th, 2012, 08:40
Originally Posted by HiddenX View Post
1 Mio$ / 15$ = 66667 -> a lot of people, but it should be possible to get this amount worldwide.

Major fault: This campaign didn't focus enough on Germany -> Henkel would have had a home game in his own country. (I could only pledge via PayPal for example).
He should have made a description of the game in german.
Even PE only had 73k backers (I know it's only a numbers game but still). About Germany, well, I don't think a lot of people go 'hurrah' when they hear the name Guido Henkel, apart from those who are into the games he was involved with (which is, as I said, presumably a very small group). He didn't have a TDE license this time around either; that could really have helped with a German audience (though I'm glad they didn't go that route. PnP never translates very well into digital form).

Originally Posted by Deekin Scalesinger View Post
Yes, but this was not my point. The main element of the game was dragons. Again.
I was not complaining about a generic setting, but about the overuse of dragons.
You can have a generic setting but an unusual story.
Yes dragons and vikings are clichés, agreed. But about the actual story we didn't even know enough for a prologue, so I'm not judging that.




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