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December 5th, 2012, 10:22
We can't know if the potential for a million $ was there, but I am very, very sure that the potential was MUCH higher than what they managed to mobilize (1.3K backers, $47k funds raised after two weeks, that's abyssmal). We have seen a number of TB RPG pitches break a million (WL2, Shadowrun returns), and at least the latter doesn't have much of a CRPG pedigree. Even entirely new IPs have done very well (e.g. Dead State, Banner Saga) but not at the >1million level.
I think jwmeep's analysis is excellent - one may argue about the weight of each individual point, but I think it's an excellent summary of what's at play. Personally, I think the potential is still there, but you have to align all factors pretty well to break a million now. The biggest factor imho is the press - when WL2 did their pitch, and still when Shadworun and Banner Saga were on, KS was a novelty and these projects received massive press coverage. Now that the novelty has worn off, Press is faced with the reality that most of these KS projects are in the very early stages of production or pre-production and they need a hook to make it work as a news item - so all new KS projects will have to think very hard how they pitch themselves to the press, I'm afraid.
I still hope that over time the base of backers will slowly grow, allowing more, and more ambitous projects to be funded.
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