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December 5th, 2012, 16:48
Originally Posted by Dr. A View Post
I don't know, Twotricks.

To me, Bethesda is like the Apple of RPGs. Crazily over-hyped and the games don't seem to be anywhere near the level of excellence they are made out to be.

Don't get me wrong - I'm sure the games are good. But I doubt I will find them great.

And I'm no thrill-seeking FPS junkie. I love RPGs. Both eastern and western. And neither am I a graphics whore, I still adore the Infinity Engine games!

But TES series makes a lot of people happy. So good for them!
Skyrim is not overhyped. It is tad simplified from Morrowind, but its way better than Oblivion in RPG sphere.

Its much more about journey than any of those games. Its just about being in the world and exploring. But I agree that experience is far more visual than literary (like in infinity engine games)

Anyway. Its far from hoax or hype. Its actually that good. I strongly recommend you at least to play it at friends place
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