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December 5th, 2012, 20:20
I'd like to report I've finally got Maenya's Fist after the 23rd run of "Eyes of Stone"! Had a PUG group run it on Elite/Hard/Normal and everytime with the rogue in our group the fist popped up.

I'd also like to tell a story of Friday nights PUG group run I did for Undermine. We were about done with the quest when at the end chest 2 of us were left while everyone else had left the quest. We go to the chest and open to see if anything is good and BOOM out of nowhere something explodes. Someone in the group had planted one of those bombs nearby and left. We both died and I thought to myself why would someone do that…very frustrating and annoying. I decided to call it a night and relax a bit. Sorry I couldn't join in the watch run…it was a mistake to choose the PUG group that night.
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