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December 5th, 2012, 23:03
Today is the day pibbur's thread got hijacked. And in a desperate act to regain the control he never had, he'll tell you that this is the day he returned from Chicago (without popcorn). It's also the day he'll complain about a new word he learned, which he heard repeatedly at the RSNA conference (in Chicago) and which he absolutely hates!!!


Pibbur and 10 other norwegians and a dane were in Chicago to learn about how to implement a system, a vendor neutral archive (VNA) for storing and accessing images outside radiology. Radiology already has it's archives (PACS), now it's time for other types of images: Photos from dermatology and ophtalmology (bad things happening to the eye), endoscopic images from gastroenterology (bad things in your intestinal structures). And so on. Now, since we can't call the sources of those images radiology, since that's already taken, what should we call them. What abouut "other diagnostic images"? "Non radiology images"? Whatever. What you don't want to do is call them "ologies", because that's just stupid (and of course excludes images from orthopaedics, pediatrics and such (joke)). So that's exactly what they did!!!!

Other (possibly) (disgusting) things:

1492: CC called Haiti "La Isla Espańola".
1757: Battle of Luthien
1933: Prohibitioen endis in the US
1958: Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD), whatever that is, didnt bother to check, is inaugurated in the United Kingdom by Queen Elizabeth II
1969: Down goes ARPANET

pibbur who is sure that the above unmentionable word is the sole cause for him being sick a couple of days in Chicago.
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