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December 6th, 2012, 00:58
I've explored up the the Friendly Arm Inn now, and yeah.. it seems like there are a lot less enemies than I remember.

On the maps themselves, I've yet to encounter more than one monster at a time. I did encounter 2 half-ogres in a random encounter between maps, and that was the only battle I had to flee from so far. Other than that though, I've only had to battle lone gibberlings, xvarts, and wolves. It completely changes the dynamics of the early-game compared to the original.

If they felt the need to make such a drastic change, then they should have at least included the option to have the original encounter rate as well. As it stands now, I'm hugely disappointed by this, and I won't be doing a full playthrough until it's adjusted or until someone can mod it back.
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