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December 6th, 2012, 02:03
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
So, is anyone actually playing Dragonborn right now? Spoiler-free thoughts would be appreciated.

I'd check out Bethesda's forums but I already had a few details spoiled just by reading an impressions thread. Wading through those threads is like playing with fire.
I would be but Microsoft hates pc gaming.

On the plus side its given me time to see what an excellent game far cry 3 is.

Skyrim is by far better than oblivion and morrowind for me.

When morrowind came out was was still more into turn based and RTWP so the combat really turned me off. I may go back now and give it a try with a more open mind.

Oblivion was great at the start but I quickly grew tired of closing identical oblivion gates.

Skyrim for whatever reason has really drawn me in. I can spend hours just walking around doing almost nothing really and enjoy it. Probably why I have almost 300 hrs and have only completed the thieves guild quest. Although I've completed it 3 times with different characters.
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