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December 6th, 2012, 03:19
I actually got to see a little bit of AMEN: THE AWAKENING way back in '99 or something, at a tech summit in Las Vegas where several companies that all belonged to GT Interactive (SingleTrac, Ron Gilbert's Humongous Entertainment, Cavedog - sort of a branch of Humongous, Legend Entertainment - run by Bob Bates, a newly purchased company called Bootprint Interactive that never got off the ground consisting of a bunch of Origin refugees, and some others) got together and were supposed to have some kind of expertise / technology share - sort of a chance for people to get an idea what each other was working on, and to hopefully get some ideas about how we might be able to swap information and help from each other. Who's solved what problems and how they did it, who's working on some cool client / server architecture, who is most familiar with working on which console, etc.

It was a good idea, but went by the wayside when we were then acquired by Atari.

Anyway, I got the chance to see their technology - which was cool for the time. Not quite to the point of blowing away Unreal or anything, but it seemed like it was on par with what Valve was doing with the Quake 2 engine on Half Life 1. (Again, this was over a decade ago, when that was the hot up-and-coming / recently released stuff).

But that's ancient tech. As far as the game itself - I saw it mainly as an FPS with heavy story (and some stealth?) Sort of a Half-Life wannabe. It seemed to be more Half-Life than Deus Ex.

Still, if I wasn't suffering from KS fatigue, I'd be putting some cash into this one. Might do it anyway. Just 'cuz I'm curious.
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