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December 6th, 2012, 03:29
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
I'm going to pick up Far Cry 3 eventually. Looks like a real cool game.

I haven't experienced "identical Oblivion gates" in Oblivion, yet. I've only closed one gate and that was the first quest of the game. Since then I've avoided the main quest and I've done everything BUT close Oblivion gates .

Your example of spending hours walking around doing almost nothing and enjoying it is exactly what I am experiencing with Oblivion at the moment. I'm happy just to traverse the beautiful landscape and just poke my head in a hole when I find one. It's a lot of fun.
I only closed 4 gates before tiring of it and can't remember if they were actually 100% identical but I remember feeling like they were. My longest play through was 60 hrs. Or so and I didn't really do any of the main quest. It's not a bad game at all, skyrim just grabs me more. Of course I haven't gone farther than the grey beards in the main quest for skyrim so I hope it doesn't put me off like oblivious did.

I haven't gotten a lot of play time with far cry 3 but the intro was well done I thought despite some QTE's which I normally hate but these didn't bother me.

After that it really opens up. The wild life aspect really adds to the game.

In one sequence I was having a shoot out with some thugs and it wasn't going well. Out of the jungle comes a Komodo dragon and his help turned the tide of battle and left me seriously wounded but victorious. Until my new ally decided to attack me too. Not sure how tough a real Komodo dragon is but half a clip didn't kill this one. So out of syringes and almost dead I turn and run through the jungle.

With him right on my tail and a cliff ahead of me I decide to take my chances and jump. I was lucky and landed in the ocean unharmed. Now safe from the Komodo dragon I was feeling pretty good until I see a shark quickly approaching. I take off swimming for shore weaving back and forth, somehow I withstand a couple shark bites and make it to shore.

Finally able to relax I turn around to see if I can see the shark but all I see are the jaws of a giant crocodile and bam I'm dead.

Most enjoyable sequence I've had in a game in quite a while. You really have to be on your toes or you could lose them. Very fun.
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