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December 6th, 2012, 03:32
One of the most disappointing games ever for me.

I only made it to level 15 or so before I got bored of "dog on auto-drink potion" combat.

Too much to read too. To me, with story in games, less is more. I can get into character better in a roguelike than the witcher games, for eg.

When I was just a youngling playing Fairy Tale Adventure on amiga I got so into it I'd keep being Julian after I quit out. I remember eating my spaghetti and pretending I was doing it in response to a "Julian was STARVING" message from the game!

All these pages of text are just blahblahblah whatever. Moral grey area, meh. Generic family safe elves? meh.

Dark souls is where its at. WTF was the story there?! Giant worm dude makes you put 3 souls in a pot to open a door so you can go fight the boss and win. I LIKE IT! I'll fill in the blanks with my powerful brain. Make up romances with the female undead shopkeeper.

But, yeah… Inquisitor sucked.
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