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December 6th, 2012, 10:30
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Whether or not the game is harder overall isn't the point. We're talking about a particular segment of the game that's been changed. You seem to be in denial.

I still like what they've done with BGEE in most other aspects, but changing the dynamics of the random encounters was not a wise decision imo.
Yes I know, but he's talking about: "Of course, I'm "elitist" and "sad" enough to actually enjoy a challenge now and then."

You'll get more challenges in EE than vanilla, unless you specifically make a strong party to counter certain fights.

PS. Oh, and remember to increase difficulty from normal to core, as I pointed out in my original post. I believe vanilla started out on core by default, so that could cause people to think it's easier than it really is. I really do consider this mandatory - BG1 and 2 has always been a breeze on normal. It's a 25% reduction to all damage taken + max hitpoint rolls + guaranteed scroll scribing if I remember correctly. That's pretty massive in the long run.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
What about the wolves/bears/basilisks and so on in the starter areas? Because if they're hand-placed and still present - then I guess it's less of an issue than it seemed to be.
Every basilisk is hand placed, there are no random basilisks as far as I know. They're all present.

As for technical issues - I had a start up issue initially, but every issue I've had has been fixed in the two patches. I'm not sure what people are still having a hard time with, perhaps it's still the whole integrated graphics chip thing?

I have four PCs, three of which are running BG: EE at the moment, but I don't have one without a designated graphics card, so I can't verify that.
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