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December 6th, 2012, 10:21
Commercial art? That's quite a conflict.

My definition of art is the expression of the subjective - as in, what YOU want to create so that it can exist. It can be a shared vision - but it's almost always a single person as the origin of that vision.

Commercialism is based on the objective - as in, what you think other people want to pay for - which is almost the opposite of art. What YOU want to express is all but irrelevant - but it CAN be a part of it.

Which is why mainstream games can rarely be "true" art - because the strictly personal vision is not what most people will want to buy. Such a thing would be somewhat unknown and foreign - and the mainstream audience tends to be uncomfortable with things it doesn't understand.

That's why 90% of Hollywood movies are based on ultra familiar and unoriginal material - because there's an established audience for it - regardless of the actual implementation or quality. People will generally go for what they know and understand, before they experiment with the strange or unfamiliar.




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