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December 6th, 2012, 13:12
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I'm playing with the Vilja mod and while the voice-acting is sub par it has some great writing. The quests are tolerable, but what stands out is the location awareness of the companion. Vilja will admit that she hates fighting undead and is pertrified of vampires. She's not too keen on Dwemer ruins either. However, if you take her to any of these spots, she'll make valid comments. She might mention how Dwarven Centurions can drop out from anywhere, how bandits never seem to have enough food to keep everyone fed, how beautiful the Gilderglean is, etc. She is so much better than the companions in vanilla. Speaking of which, she will have conversations with Lydia, sometimes getting Lydia to complain about her housecarl duties.
That's because this mod was made by Emma. She (together with Grumpy) have done a number of oustanding companion mods for Morrowind. She has moded for Oblivion as well but I haven't played this game long enough to try any of those. As for voice acting… it probably was a mistake for Emma to use her own voice. But her accent isn't a fake (as somebody here supposed). This is how Emma sounds over the Skype. And with some dialoque lines from Pratchett this mod is a must have for me
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