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December 6th, 2012, 13:29
The biggest problem I have in PUG's are people who don't listen to advise from the group leader. Yesterday I did Lair of Summoning. I warned the group about the chest room. Don't go to the chest or you will be trapped, I said. The bard didn't listen to the advise and moved by himself into the room and got trapped. He had to fight the monsters alone and died, of course. Then he just left the group.

In Necro 1 I had a toon who didn't want to follow the rest and moved into traps and died. That was even after I said the quest was full of traps and please let the rogue deal with them before entering corridors. One thing is that people don't take advise. Players make mistakes in quests. We just have to accept that. But it's not fun when some players just leave after making a mistake. Then they make it harder for the rest of us to complete. It's better to just accept the mistake and wait for being raised at the resurrection shrine.
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