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December 6th, 2012, 12:43
Hopefully Maylander's review will be here soon as I want to read it, in fact can't wait to see any decent review that doesn't cover just bits and pieces and a couple of locations.
Reviews can be interesting, but I'd probably prefer a less forgiving or biased person behind it. Maylander is a proud lover of all things Bioware - and strikes me as someone determined to like EE even before release - much like blatantninja, and it feels like he's shrugging off relatively serious issues.

But reviews are mostly a curiousity for me. I generally need to spend time with stuff myself - and there's no way I'm paying 20$ for something like this. I own several versions of both BGs already - and I'm not going to support efforts like this. I might pirate it down the line to see if I'm wrong about it - and then pony up the cash - but it better be damn good in that case.

How about a review from DeepO? He seems more balanced - even as a Bio fan




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