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December 6th, 2012, 18:14
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I forget, do you have to take companions in the BG games, or can you roll a whole party? I only played BG when it first came out and never finished the game. I think I got to the titular city and had a machine crash and never went back. I bought BG2 but hated all the contingency and counterspell crap and didn't play that one far at all. I liked Jon Irenicus, as I recall, but I don't think I played much past him.
Not sure on BGEE, but on the original you could do a multiplayer session with just yourself that allows you to roll the whole party. There are other ways as well (I saw someone once made characters and used the mod method to drop them right in the area where the ambush occurs so he could then add them in).

I actually liked Aerie and Imoen and I think those are the two that most people hate
Seems to be 50/50. I love them both. Every time I play BG2 I say I'm not going to bring Aerie along, but I can't not add her. Then I say I won't romance her, but I am powerless against her charms (I even played a female once, but didn't realize one of the mods I installed allowed for same sex romances. That was pretty interesting, though I'm still not quite clear how Aerie ended up pregnant! I don't recall any fertility clinics in the Forgotten Realms).

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