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December 6th, 2012, 18:55
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Not true, I stopped posting in are other thread trying to not make it personal. I have nothing against you personally as I don't know you. Although I can't deny some of your posts rub me the wrong way. This was not one of them though so I felt fine with posting.
You have an interesting way of not making it personal

As for what my posts do to you - that's understandable. You have a perception of me that's being enforced by your perception of my posts. But I don't feel responsible for that, and I can't correlate my actual personality with the image you seem to have of me.

I'm a completely different person - but it's ok if you don't think so. I just don't want to waste time going through crap that has nothing to do with the subjects at hand.

I think my points are valid. You have been very vocal about your negative feelings about this project. In this thread you have accepted and added to all the negative comments and dismissed the positive ones.
Many have been vocal - and that's fine. We're speaking our minds. Yes, I'm negative towards this project and I've given detailed reasons as to why. You don't agree, and that's fine.

I haven't dismissed the positive ones at all - I simply weigh them VERY differently. I don't see the positives as worth the asking price - and that's all there is to it.

Do you really want to understand why people like it because it would seem your mind is made up. I guess I think that's a valid point.
I'll answer this once, because I think it's good form to be flexible and amiable when there's an apparent misunderstanding. But I'm not going to bother answering similar questions in the future - because they call my honesty into question - and then there's no reason to exchange.

Yes, I want to know why Maylander likes it so much. Apparently, I can't have a negative impression of the game and be highly sceptical towards it - and yet want to know why other people like it? I don't see the conflict.

I'm the kind of person who believes in myself and my own perceptions a lot - but if I don't ask or question things - I'll never know if I'm right or not. I'm often wrong like everyone else - and I don't have an ego problem admitting it. I just don't set aside my experience to please people or "rub them the right way" - as that would be a complete waste of energy and be deceitful.

If Maylander or someone else gives detailed and clear reasons for their high praise - I'll accept it immediately.

Also I don't ignore anyone's posts even if I don't like what they are saying it doesn't mean I can't find value in it.
You've certainly missed something about me, but whatever. Let's not go into that.




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