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December 6th, 2012, 21:49
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
I can't be arsed to read the whole article as the first sentence is plain wrong.
Star Citizen didn't "won" a total of 6.x milions with Kickstarter as it didn't get all of "investments" through Kickstarter.
I might be wrong, but the Kickstarter record is still held by Project Eternity.

I backed both projects so perhaps I shouldn't care, but c'mon, without precise data how can someone take the article seriously.
That's completely irrelevant and you're missing the point by a mile.
Who cares if they obtained just part of their funds through KS and the rest from another website?
They were factually behind the crowd-funded game that gathered more money so far, which is what matters for the sake of this argument.
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